Welcome to My Professional Portfolio. My name is Jim Swaffield. I am a marketing professor and a consultant. On this website you will find information about my scholarly activities, publications and samples of consulting projects that I have worked on. If you would like to talk to me about your specific needs please contact me by phone 1-604-835-1079 or by email.

Jim Swaffield CTV News Interview

Jim Swaffield University of Alberta News

Environmental stress effects on appetite:
Changing desire for high- and low-energy foods
depends on the nature of the perceived threat

It is well-documented that harsh environmental conditions influence appetite and food choice. However, the experience of environmental harshness is complex and shaped by several underlying dimensions, notably threats to one’s social support, economic prospects, and physical safety… Read More »

Telus World of Science Interview on the Effect of COVID-19 on Eating Behavior

Psychology Today Writes Article on the Importance of Jim Swaffield’s Research

Internationally renowned magazine Psychology Today has written an article examining the impact of research conducted by myself and S. Craig Roberts. The research investigates the relationship between psychological stress and our desire for specific energy-dense food items. Read More »

City of Edmonton Recognizes Jim Swaffield as a Notable Edmontonian

In 2009, the City of Edmonton selected a number of Edmontonians to describe the quality of life in Edmonton, to help local organizations attract new employees, families, students and tourists to Edmonton. I was selected as a notable Edmontonian. Read More »

Exposure to Cues of Harsh or Safe Environmental Conditions Alters Food Preferences

In humans, psychological stress is positively correlated with an increased desire for certain energy-dense food items, indicating that stress may trigger foraging behavior that adapts to perceived current and future resource availability. Read More »

Keynote Address at Alberta Medical Association’s Primary Care Summit

In 2013, I delivered the Keynote address for the Alberta Medical Association’s Primary Care Summit. Read More »