Over the past 20 years I have been involved in many consulting projects. These projects include strategic planning, market research, training, and project management activities. While I cannot share confidential details of these projects I can share materials that are in the public domain.

Best Environmental Technologies

Video Production

In 2014 Best Environmental Technologies embarked on an international market expansion strategy. This video was developed to educate prospective distributors in other countries about the company and the Best Farming System.

My role was to oversee the script writing and production of this video.


Best Environmental Technologies’ flagship brand is Soil Rejuvenation™. This product is a liquid that is sprayed onto soil. Once applied it turns hard compacted soil into healthy nutrient rich soil. Other benefits include better plant growth, fewer harmful insects and better moisture retention. There are two objectives of these brochures. The first is to educate agricultural producers on how the product works and the benefits it delivers. The second objective is to encourage producers to think not only of increasing their revenues but more importantly, how they can increase their profitability.



Promotional Products

Alberta Medical Association

These two advertisements are samples of promotional material that I developed for the Alberta Medical Association’s Clinical Practice Guidelines Program.

It is often difficult for doctors to objectively diagnose and treat many medical conditions. If an error is made in diagnosing a patient’s health problem, it is unlikely the prescribed treatment plan will improve the patient’s health. In an effort to help doctors the Alberta Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Program was established. The goal of this program was to develop best practice recommendations that could help doctors keep up with the latest medical research. I was originally contracted to develop a marketing strategy and promotional materials to educate and motivate doctors to adopt the new guidelines. It wasn’t long before I was asked to work on other projects such as coordinating a clinical practice guidelines conference and manage a committee to develop a guideline on the Early Detection of Breast Cancer.